Onewheel Festival & EOL race weekend. Cambridgeshire, UK

Onewheel festival & EOL race weekend in Cambridgeshire, England

We invited over 75 Onewheelers for a fun-packed bank holiday weekend in the beautiful British countryside.

Date & Time

May 3rd - 6th, 2024
May day bank holiday weekend

Shred the Shires 2024 What did we do this year

The first European Onewheel League race of 2024!

  • EOL sanctioned Tier 2 race with over a kilometre of twists, turns & numerous features
  • Dedicated races for men, women & groms. Practice laps, time trials, heats & finals
  • Not racing? We designed the track with spectators in mind. Cheer your friends on from the sidelines


Trick area, clinic & competition.

  • We built a dedicated trick area with bonk blocks, rails & ramps
  • Trick clinic run by the UK's best trick rider Max Cramer. Learn how to bonk, nudge, slide & jump
  • Trick competition to show off your new skills & win prizes
  • Not competing? Watch in awe as the best trick riders do their thang


Take part in the largest group ride EVER in England.

  • Ever wanted to do an American-sized group ride? Here's your chance!
  • Daily mass group rides in the british countryside
  • 75+ riders AT THE SAME TIME


Stay in the beating heart of the action.

  • Free Wild Camping on site
  • BYO campervan or tent
  • Fancy toilets, basins, a shower & drinking water

Food & drink

Onewheeling is hungry & thirsty work.

  • The Nose Dive bar has you covered for drinks & snacks throughout the weekend
  • The One Grill will be cooking up breakfasts & lunches each day - catering for carnivores & herbivores
  • Food trucks will stop by in the evenings


Each evening we'll be keeping you entertained.

  • Live music performances, banging tunes & DJ sets
  • An “intro to VESC” talk from Stoke Solutions
  • Prizes, surprises, medals & more!

Merch & sponsors

Browse for a little something for your pride and joy

  • Merch table: glorious Shred the Shires swag including tees, hoodies & bonk blocks
  • Stoke Solutions: Onewheel accessories & repairs
  • TFL Europe: Onewheel accessories & apparel
  • Beyond PEV & Evolve UK: Electric skateboards, scooters and bikes

Friends & family

Bring your friends to cheer you on (if you're racing), join the festivities & prop-up the bar!

  • Food & drink served all weekend
  • Dedicated spectator area for watching the races & trick comp
  • Family-friendly & inclusive atmosphere

Race Results

Shred the Shires 2024
1 Jay Kenward VESC
2 Gerard Rincon VESC
3 Matty Darka GT-S
4 James Grant GT
5 Daniel Turner VESC
6 Max Lee GT
7 James Murrell XR
8 Ed Keate VESC
9 Adam Freeman VESC
10 Benoit Rousseaux XR
11 Eduardo Queralto VESC
12 Nick Oppenheimer VESC
13 Charles Kelly GT
14 Chris Brown XR
15 Patrick Lopez VESC
16 Fabio Costa VESC
17 Darren Attew XR
18 Dustin Refazo GT
19 Max Cramer VESC
20 Simon Oppenheimer VESC
21 Darren Stevenson XR
22 Duncan Beattie VESC
23 James Frampton XR
24 Harley Moss XR
25 Clint Lashley XR
26 Martin Dinnage GT
27 Louis Lovelace VESC
28 Mark Coningsby GT
29 Andrew Foskett GT-S
30 Matthew Eaton XR
31 Jonathan Tims VESC
32 Dan Parker Pint X
33 Ed Penny VESC
34 George Ellwood GT
35 Hannes Christ VESC
36 Travis Wilson VESC
37 Ben Crundwell XR
38 James Pitcher XR
39 Andrew Norris Pint X
40 Adam Walding VESC
41 Gary Bucci VESC
42 Daithi O'Brandain XR
43 Gary Elford XR
44 Luke Massey XR
1 Alicia Hemmings GT
2 Kate Paxton GT
3 Chantelle Warner-Wells VESC
4 Jessica Jones XR
5 Nadine Tunnicliffe XR
1 Matty Darka
2 James Murrell
3 Max Cramer
4 Dan Turner
1 Harley Brown XR
2 Lacey Parker Pint
3 Daniel Coningsby Pint
4 Matthew Coningsby Pint
5 Cody Kenward XR
6 Jay Bucci XR
7 Ruby-Luna Queralto XR
8 Willow Wilson Pint
02:51.90 Jay Kenward VESC
02:56.19 Matty Darka GT-S
03:00.93 Daniel Turner VESC
03:04.31 Ed Keate VESC
03:04.32 Gerard Rincon VESC
03:04.81 Fabio Costa VESC
03:07.22 Benoit Rousseaux XR
03:10.87 James Murrell XR
03:11.30 Adam Freeman VESC
03:13.49 Charles Kelly GT
03:13.94 James Grant GT
03:20.76 Max Lee GT
03:23.26 Harley Brown XR
03:26.09 Eduardo Queralto VESC
03:26.61 Chris Brown XR
03:27.57 Nick Oppenheimer VESC
03:32.17 Patrick Lopez VESC
03:35.96 Darren Attew XR
03:39.94 Dustin Refazo GT
03:40.02 Max Cramer VESC
03:40.37 Simon Oppenheimer VESC
03:40.86 Darren Stevenson XR
03:43.80 Duncan Beattie VESC
03:47.14 James Frampton XR
03:48.68 Alicia Hemmings GT
03:49.49 Lacey Parker Pint
03:53.02 Harley Moss XR
03:56.53 Clint Lashley XR
03:57.02 Kate Paxton GT
03:57.93 Martin Dinnage GT
03:57.96 Matthew Coningsby Pint
03:58.63 Louis Lovelace VESC
03:59.30 Nadine Tunnicliffe XR
03:59.31 Mark Coningsby GT
04:00.38 Andrew Foskett GT-S
04:02.05 Daniel Coningsby Pint
04:05.69 Chantelle Warner-wells VESC
04:07.07 Matthew Eaton XR
04:07.89 Jonathan Tims VESC
04:07.91 Dan Parker Pint X
04:07.97 Ed Penny VESC
04:08.94 Jessica Jones XR
04:15.21 George Ellwood GT
04:16.27 Hannes Christ VESC
04:18.24 Travis Wilson VESC
04:21.70 Ben Crundwell XR
04:22.72 James Pitcher XR
04:23.63 Andrew Norris Pint X
04:24.04 Adam Walding VESC
04:38.43 Jay Bucci XR
04:38.84 Gary Bucci GT
04:39.09 Cody Kenwood XR
04:52.44 Daithi O Brandain XR
05:08.99 Gary Elford XR
05:12.42 Ruby-Luna Queralto XR
05:20.66 Luke Massey XR
07:26.94 Willow Wilson Pint

Event Team

Meet the team behind Shred the Shires
Mark Coningsby Event Organiser
Trick Comp Organiser
Max Cramer Onewheel UK Facebook group owner, 'Float the Highlands' and 'Trick It' crew
EOL Competitor
Kate Paxton Current EOL Womens No 1 - Track design consultant
EOL Competitor
James Grant Race event coordination
Ben Crundwell Digital and Tech support
Andrew Norris Catering and Bar
Gary Bucci Merchandising
Jorge Jimenez Digital Creator


Live from the Shred the Shires Instagram account


Coverage of STS 2024

Sponsors & Partners

Shred the Shires wouldn't be possible without our amazing sponsors

Event FAQs

Got questions? We have an answer.

Here is a list of answers to frequently asked questions about the event.

Contact Us

By requesting a camping ticket (free) when you order your race, general admission or spectator (free non-rider) you are requesting and being granted permission by the landowner to camp at Shred The Shires between Friday May 3rd and Monday May 6th 2024.

By requesting this ticket you are agreeing to (where best possible) "leave no camping trace" other than the footprint of your tent or camping vehicle.

You are automatically agreeing to no open fires.

To use all WC facilities available.

To use all waste removal services provided.

To take all camping equipment away with you.

Failure to follow these rules and may result in immediate removal from the event and forfeiting any and all paid fees.

Campervans are welcome but we can't supply any electric hookups and dont have waste disposal facilities on site.

The event organisers will complete a risk assesments on the day, this may include changes to the race track, obstacles and advertised timings, including which day the event is held (Sat / Sun). Provided the track is safe to ride, the event will continue in the event of rain. We recommend taking precautions to waterproof your boards if necessary

We will provide UK mains outlets for attendees to charge phones and boards fed from a 15kVA generator. Onewheels require high currents to charge so please be careful not to overload the outlets and keep extension leads to a minimum for fire safety. You must bring your own charger

Helmet and wrist guards are compulsory when racing and Helmets must be worn at all times when riding a OneWheel, even if just going from your car to your tent. Protective body armour and kneepads are recomended as the track has several obstacles and minimal runoff in places

No, due to UK law, there are no companies offering Onewheel rentals in the UK. You must bring your own board to take part in Shred the Shires.

Any drone pilots must obay UK laws and be fully registered with the CAA. Competency certificates are required to fly in front of an audience and insurance is a requirement. Any near misses or reports of dangerous piloting will be taken very seriously. See for more information.

  • This will be a knock out competition.
  • Each match will be started by playing 1 round of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to see who will start setting the trick.
  • Competitors will be paired up, they will play a game of "FLOAT" until one player has FLOAT (like SKATE or HORSE), and they will be knocked out of the competition, the other will go through to the next round until we have our final two riders, who will battle it out for first and second place.
  • For 3rd place, the two riders who lost to the riders who made it through to the final will battle it out for 3rd place.
  • There will be no board categories all boards are welcome to compete.
  • Each game of FLOAT will be limited to 20 minutes maximum. Should neither have received FLOAT by this time, the one with the most letters will be knocked out of the competition.
  • Should both riders have the same amount of letters, then it will become sudden death.
  • This will be a no Flight Fins or any other kind of bindings competition. If you have Flight Fins or any other kind of bindings please remove these prior to the competition.
  • Vesc Dark Side will not be considered a trick to make the competition as even as possible. If you are riding Vesc Dark Side, the trick you perform will be considered the same if the other rider is riding the board the correct side up.
  • Remotes for remote tilt are not allowed to be used in this competition.
  • No accessories can be used that are not already attached to the board. This includes any juggling accessories, diablo's or anything of that sort of nature, and may lead to disqualification. If you are unsure please check with staff.
  • A helmet must always be worn at all times during the competition riding on the obstacles.
  • Any kind of picking up your board, and / or running with it, will not be considered a trick and may lead to disqualification.
  • How Does "FLOAT" Work?
    • Each match will be started by playing 1 round of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to see who will start setting the trick.
    • The first rider will perform a trick. The opponent rider must copy this trick.
    • If the opponent fails to land the trick they receive a letter.
    • This will give the first rider a chance to do another trick that the opponent must land.
    • If the opponent does land it, then no letters will be given out and the opponent then becomes the rider setting the trick.
    • If the rider setting the trick fails to land and the opponent lands it, then the rider setting a trick will receive a letter and the opponent will then select the next trick.
    • The first one to spell FLOAT loses and is knocked out of the competition.
    • A trick is landed / completed if the rider is able to stay on the board and ride off after completing the trick.
    • You may only perform a trick once per round / 1v1 match.
    • Should there be any disagreement to whether a trick is landed then the final word will come down to the volunteers with Onewheel, skateboarding & other board sport backgrounds who are not competing, should there be any disagreement. Their word is final and the organiser or any competitors will not be included in this decision to make it as fair as possible.
  • Disqualification:
    • Should any competitor be rude, aggressive or disagree with the final decision then they may be asked to leave the competition. This is subject to the event runners discretion.
    • The final decision will come down to a selection of volunteers with Onewheel, skateboarding & other board sport backgrounds who are not competing should there be any disagreement. Their word is final and the organiser will not be included in this decision to make it as fair as possible, unless absolutely called for.
If you still have unanswered questions after reading this page, please contact us.

Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you! We endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.